Hello, I’m Jessica

I live in London and am best known for the embarrassing things I used to say about social media when I was an activist who thought Twitter would change the world.

I used to be a raging social media addict, but last year I deleted all of my Instagram followers, set my account private and decided to focus on what really makes me happy. Turns out that’s writing all of the time, locking myself away and reading for hours on end, and coming out only to go to the cinema, the gym or for long and decadent dinners.

I still work with brands and agencies on a freelance basis, usually on building a strong personality and voice for social media. Click here to find out more about my work.

I’m represented by Amanda Annis at Trident Media Group.

I’ve written a few screenplays and am so close to finishing this damn novel.

I write book reviews and essays for The Book Slut.
I’m a reader for the Austin Film Festival.
My defunt (and v. cringe) blog is here
My one-woman short play Tangled White Wires was performed at Brave New World as part of the SLAM festival at the Arcola Theatre.
My short story Two AI Walk Into a Bar came third in the Bartleby Scrivener dialogue-only contest.

I use social media a lot less now, but click on my links below to find out more about me. If you don’t want to click on any links and would rather just chat, email me at jessica.m.riches (at) gmail (dot) com