Hello, I’m Jess

I’m under construction right now, so my website is too. But I’m a London-based writer and I’d love to chat.

(Click here to find out more about my social media & digital storytelling consultancy.)

I’m represented by Amanda Annis at Trident Media Group. We’ve been trying to find the right angle for a book on device addiction and what that’s done to our humanity.

I’ve also written a middle grade novel about a secret teenage entrepreneur. More on that soon. 

I have a sci-fi feature that’s with some exciting production companies and a couple of pilots about to go out. More on that soon.

My defunt (and v. cringe) blog is here
My Instagram account is used for little more than micro-book reviews these days
My short story Two AI Walk Into a Bar came third in the Bartleby Scrivener dialogue-only contest
My one-woman short play Tangled White Wires was performed at Brave New World as part of the SLAM festival at the Arcola Theatre.
More for that list soon. 

I use social media a lot less now, but click on my links below to find out more about me. If you don’t want to click on any links and would rather just chat, email me at jessica.m.riches (at) gmail (dot) com