Hello! I’m Jess, and I do a few things.

My career path is unconventional, but the tie that binds all of my experiences and interests is social media, the Internet and technology.

As a true mid-millennial, I love all of these things. But I’m constantly analysing them, too.


I try to balance the work I do creating strategies, running training sessions and producing content for my clients with researching and addressing our relationship with technology. I like to think this makes the marketing work I do more considered and valuable.

I’m entrepreneurial and truly passionate about my industry, always learning and happy to share my insights in the media, on panels and in my writing. That’s factual writing, but also the basis of my creativity. Because I need both.

My background is in political activism and engagement and I think now more than ever is the time to assess the potential but also the downfall of our increasingly digital engagement with our news, our fellow voters and our politicians.

Please take a look at my social links above if you want to find out more about me as a person and not about me as the curated self on a professional website. If you like pictures of London, go to Instagram first. If you like glitter and black clothes, try Pinterest. For miscellaneous musings, head to Twitter.

If you don’t want to click on any links and would rather just chat, get in touch.