As well as being regularly featured in the media, I often speak at events, participate in panel discussions and run interactive workshops about:

  • social media trends and advice
  • youth engagement
  • digital balance and mindfulness

I also run Screenless Sessions in London as part of my alt_TOGETHER wellbeing network – regular events that encourage putting down your phone and doing something fun and creative.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in booking me for an event, panel or workshop. These can be booked privately for in-house work, or as part of programmes open to the public.

Previous events I’ve spoken at include:

Soho Farmhouse – Digital mindfulness in the age of screen overload – 25/07/2017

Cybersecurity All Party Parliamentary Group – Fake News: The Impact of Social Media – 25/04/2017

Norway Digital Tourism Conference – How To Build a Social Strategy / The Art of Stories – 28/10/2016

Despark Ignyte Series – Powering Your Product – 12/10/2016

Open Generation Festival of Ideas – The Revolution Will (Still) Be Tweeted – 11/04/2015

HerSay Social Media Day – Fitting Social Media Into Your Daily Routine – 05/11/14

Culture24: Let’s Get Real: Making Content Fit For Purpose – Provocation: Dreaming Of Content Distribution Systems (Learning From Brands) – 26/09/14

Pamflet Salon – Fuck! I’m In My Twenties – London launch party – 09/12

Digital Footprint Summit – Learnings and Insights from Screenagers – 03/11/11

Compass Conference 2011 – Building the Good Society – How to fill crowded rooms for a good society: ideas and entertainment vs. the terminal boredom of meetings – 25/06/11

Netroots UK – Turning Online Activity Into Offline Activity – 08/01/11

BBC Newsnight’s Paul Mason has written a book called Why It’s Kicking Off Everywhere: The New Global Revolutions in which there’s a little case study about me and my Internet use for social change and general socialising. It also has my overly honest quote ‘I tweet in my dreams’ as a chapter title. You can buy it here.

Kitchen Sink Films and Quark Films have made a wonderful documentary called The Real Social Network about the use of new media and technology in our ‘new generation of protest’. I’m quite a main character in it and awkwardly refer to myself as ‘the Queen of Twitter’. Watch a preview, get more information or find a screening here.